Bushinkan Emblem

“Bushinkai International” emblem is presented by a famous Eastern “tomoe” symbol placed in a five petal lotus flower. On different levels, this emblem can be treated in different ways, and for the adherents of our School it is not just a symbol, describing abstract philosophical concepts, but practical reminder and guidance to act. On each level the emblem contains particular knowledge layer.



The colours used in the emblem of our organisation are golden and violet. It has the different impact, as violet colour is considered to be elite in Japan, and golden is probably the dearest colour in European comprehension.

In the emblem we have put traditional principals and concepts of Eastern Martial Arts together with European approach to methodology, classification, systematization and latest scientific researches in physiology, anatomy, which co-exist with Eastern concept of inner energy.


“Tomoe” is three drops merging in the centre of a circle. Sometimes this symbol is also called “circles at a water surface”. Lots of Eastern religious, mystical and philosophical doctrines use “tomoe” symbol. It has a number of meanings. This monad is considered to come to Japan from China, where it symbolized triple unity of the Earth, the Sky and a human being. All those parts of the unity were equal and their interaction determined the World harmony. In Japan, among the other different usages, “tomoe” became a symbol of Hatiman - the God of War, what had determined its frequent representation in samurai heraldry. Besides it defines energy interaction and circulation. But in our School this symbol has the additional impact among with its philosophical definition. At the beginner’s stage it defines the basic objectives of the School - the development of a healthy body, strong spirit and true martial techniques.


Lots of teachings use the five petal lotus as their symbol. Lotus is a plant, which goes through the same progress stages as a human being does. Growing from the silt, it resembles a human growing from the ignorance and symbolizes the advancement of his consciousness from the lowest level to the highest one. Just like a human being awakes and aspires after his desires, the lotus, being born deep in the water, longs to reach its surface. The lotus reaches the surface of the water and is touched be the sun light, like a human, having made efforts enriching his experience, attains an adequate comprehension of the surrounding world. Awakening and blossom of a human spiritual potential is the highest level of his existence, which is symbolically presented by open flower at the water surface.

Depending on the adherent level, each lotus petal could be observed from different points of view. At the first stage we can mention such aspect of School’s emblem comprehension as tactical, technical, theoretical, energy functioning, medical and ethical. All of them are interconnected. Improvement of one, neglecting the other, will break the harmony turning the multi-purpose development system into a single-minded hand-to-hand fighting art, medical system, recovery gymnastics, philosophy or set of rules.

Theory and philosophy

This aspect assumes the comprehension of philosophical and particular theoretical concepts. All applied Martial Art skills realization grounds on strict comprehension of these concepts. Generally it is the knowledge, which is transmitted in written sources and orally, in conversation with a Teacher. Not only the comprehension of the basic principals of Bushinkai belongs to theoretical aspect but also the School methodology, systematization and classification.

Healthy body

This aspect includes recovery gyms systems and first aid techniques mastering in order to be able to help oneself or another person.

Martial techniques and tactics

These very movements give the School adherent the opportunity to feel confident in extremal situation of a real life. It is Martial Art techniques and methods of their appliance.


For Martial Art practitioner it is the way of different energy obtaining and transforming it in accordance with one’s goal. Energy control assumes the usage of different psychophysical practices intended to advance intuition and some other capabilities considered paranormal or supernatural. The main part of this Martial Art unit, its esoteric impact, can be transmitted only to a student, who was put through a number of tests, got consecration and consequently is allowed to study the secret teaching.


The fifth lotus petal, fifth Martial Art aspect, is morals and ethics that is the values system, the very rules and moral principles, which make a human use all mentioned above knowledge and skills in positive or negative, from social point of view, intent.