Bushinkai international

"Bushinkai International" Centre is the organization appeared 20 years ago at former USSR stage. During that period it had been constantly developing and opened its representative branches in different CIS and world countries. Today Bushinkai officially represents the interests of the largest International organizations and elite Japanese Martial Art schools, uniting thousands of adherents. There are proficient sportsmen, state Special Forces employees, doctors, scientists, students and children among them.

Today Bushinkai holds the leading position in old and modern Martial Arts studying sphere, especially Ju Jutsu, Kobudo, Iaido in CIS and Eastern Europe.

The students of the Centre study under the world famous Japanese and European Masters, regularly train in Japan and Europe, practice different hand-to-hand fighting systems, including the ones of non-Japanese origin; they develop versatility studying health improvement systems together with the accompanied disciplines, including classical and modern methods of applied psychology.

Bushinkai School is a harmonious unity of Eastern traditions and scientific approach and pragmatism of the West.

For the years of "Bushinkai International" Centre operation, on the basis of practising disciplines, the unique Martial Arts teaching methodology has been developed and approbated. This unique methodology is aimed at different ages, sport perfection groups, special police forces and other state services. It has got a high recognition of world Budo-associations' leaders from Europe, USA and Japan, management of different Military forces, Interior Ministries and State Security Services of several CIS countries.